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Prep your home with fall maintenance checklist.  

Gutter cleaning

Fall is a great time of year to review your home and make sure all areas are ready for the winter season.  Most items can be taken care of very easily and quickly, while other items you may need to hire a licensed professional to complete.  In any case all home maintenance is a good thing to keep your largest invest looking great.   

  • Clean your gutters. 

  • Seal up air leaks and inspect windows. 

  • Inspect your roof for loose shingles or major deterioration. 

  • Protect faucets/hose bibs from freezing temperatures. 

  • Replace your furnace filter. 

  • Give your furnace a checkup with a licensed professional. 

  • Inspect your fireplace to make sure damper and gas connections are in good condition. 

  • Check the humidifier to make sure it is working properly.

  • Clear all vegetation and trees away from home and roof.  

  • Turn off sprinkling system and have it blown out to prevent freezing in winter.

  • Cut the grass and pick up leaves on grass to prevent disease.  

Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe


Everyone has fears of having their home being unsecured or even broken into.  With a little effort and with little time you can secure your home, and possible intruders will see it as a fortress not to mess with.  Here are some simple things to make your home more safe.  

  • Install surveillance cameras or dummy surveillance cameras.

  • Remember to remove all fliers from the doorstep.  

  • Trim large bushes and grass regularly.

  • Use fake alarm decals.

  • Remove or hide large boxes after purchase.  

  • Reinforce door jambs and locks. 

  • Never post on social media when and where your going.  

  • Use wooden dowels in windows and sliding doors.  

  • Use motion detector lights or cameras.  

Easy Home Maintenance Tips 

As any home inspector will tell you there are some easy ways to maintain your home with little effort .   In Utah with the ever changing weather there are always things around the home that are happening.  With a little know how and a little money your home can be taken care and last for years to come.  These tips about your property are almost endless, but we will give you some important ones to remember.  

  • Clean out your gutters to prevent debris buildup and corrosion.

  • Monitor your roof and inspect flashing and bushings around chimney and vents.  

  • Remove hoses in winter to prevent freezing hose bibs and broken pipes.  

  • Cover you AC condenser in the winter and have a licensed professional do an annual check.  

  • Monitor all cracks around home and repair them as needed with correct filler product.  

  • Caulk around all windows to improve efficiency in winter and summer.  

  • Service your furnace yearly to improve efficiency and to catch anything prior to a problem.  

  • Drain your water heater yearly to reduce sediment buildup and to prolong life.  

  • Replace batteries and check all smoke and carbon monoxide regularly.  

  • Trim all bushes and trees away from home and roof.

  • Replace furnace filters every 1-3 months.  

Time to flush your water heater
Water heaters

Spring is a great time of year for spring cleaning and home maintenance.  One of the most important things a home owner can do is maintain their water heater.  Flushing the water heater doesn't just apply to gas and electric tank water heaters, it also applies to tank less water heaters as well.  Removing sediment and scale is very important to keep the water heater working properly.  Flushing the water heater is easy and takes little time.  (Below is instructions on how to drain tank water heaters.)

  • Turn off gas or electricity to water heater.

  • Turn off water supply to water heater. 

  • Attach a hose to bib at bottom of tank and run to drain or exterior. 

  • Open bib and let water drain from tank till empty.

  • Close hose bib and detach hose.

  • Next fill tank with water (it is important to fill tank before igniting burners so they don't burn out).

  • Turn on gas or electricity to water heater.

  • Follow instructions on how to light burners or heating elements. 

  • Review tank and all connections for leaks and rust or corrosion and contact plumber if needed.

This can also be a good time to test the expansion tank.  Simply remove the bottom plastic cover and uncover the schrader valve.  Take a pen or finger and press the middle core quickly.  If nothing but air comes out it is good, if water comes out of the expansion tank the tank has failed and a licensed plumber should review.  

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